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  *Vanilla Bae* Andrella Bikini @Mermaid Cove Event
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Unholy&JTM. - Abyssal Set (eyeshadow and Ears Tattoo BOM Evox, lipstick applier) @Mermaid Cove Event   Badwolf - DEMONe eARRINGS (for Evox) @Mainstore for Prime Punk event - Fika - Asherah Set - Crown +pulse @Mermaid Cove Event .E l e i. - Nai (Eyes) @Mermaid Cove Event Satan's Closet - Cthulhu Choker @Mermaid Cove Event Vanity Hair:My Side(HG)-Ombres @Mermaid Cove Event


.:CORAZON :. Tattoo VERITAS Medium Black :. @JAIL Event E.A.Studio - Mouth VoDoo Doll ( Black/Silver UNCOMMON gacha) @Mainstore .E.A.Studio - Wardruna (gacha set) @Kinky Event NEO: Nasal Cannula@Mainstore [Rezz Room] Sphynx Animesh @Mainstore  
  MILOTA: Carmenta shorts @K9 E.A.Studio Knoth Arm GACHA @Mainstore Unholy&JTM - lucifer sing Branding - mid Tone - BOM EVOX @Mainstore Unholy&JTM - Manila tattoo (medium) @Mainstore Unholy&Jtm - FuckYou (lipstick)(evoX) @Mainstore


-DRD- The Sugar Shack @Mainstore  


A&Y Alphard Cyber Boots @Cyber Fair SEKA's CuteBOT Top & Panty @CyberFair Wicca's Originals - Yuri Arms @CyberFair KMH - Hair CP009 @CyberFair [LANEVO] THUNDERBIRD Headphones @CyberFair !13ACT - Project gacha #SPECIAL @CyberFair HIATUS HIVE BOM Tattoos @CyberFair BellePoses - I feel tired Drop & Toxic Poses @CyberFair  


*zeroichi* ARCANA backdrop @CyberFair SAPA poses 128 @CyberFair Wicca's Originals - Yuri Arms (complete) & Cypher Pants (add on) @CyberFair [The Forge] Valerion Bodysuit @CyberFair Badwolf - Evil Alien Mask @CyberFair A&Y Neon Cyber Leg Boosters @CyberFair  


  E-Clipse - Alma outfit @Kinky Event NEO: Nasal Cannula @Neostore


>>For all complete info about Cyber Fair you can check the website in a click! <<   solares >> Pyro-Rakna Pack @Cyber Fair [Jangka] - Orpheus outfit @Cyber Fair CAMO - Indigo Dreads @Cyber Fair Diversion - Disorieted poses & Backdrop @Cyber Fair


  Wicca's Originals - Caltha Patch @Camp Necrosis E.A.Studio - Wardruna Gacha set @Kinky Event Badwolf - Muerte Necklace @The Warehouse Sale .: CORAZON:. Tattoo CIARAN (ONLY FOR LELUTKA EVO X):. @Dubai Event NEO - Croocked Cigaret @Neostore


RENIE : POPPY BODYSUIT & HEELS @The Warehouse Sale   [Cubic Cherry] - Infection vol2 (arms) @The Warehouse Sale :[P]:- Kekyrion Orbs - Metallics @The Warehouse Sale .PALETO.Backdrop - EXORCISM - @The Warehouse Sale UniCult - Illusion Eyes @The Warehouse Sale Badwolf - Muerte Necklace @The Warehouse Sale A.D.D.Andel! - The Virus @The Warehouse Sale L'Emporio&PL::*Hella*::Vinyl-BENTO Mask-LeL EVO+X @Pandora Fair


SEKA's Belted Top @The Warehouse Sale . : Mea Tenebra : . Sinful (collar) @The Warehouse Sale KMH - Hair U103 @The Warehouse Sale rotten . dolly eyelids . (blackberry tart {100%}) @The Warehouse Sale Lilithe'// Dagda Tattoos @The Warehouse Sale B L A I S E x GRIM . Shuriken Halo + Star @The Warehouse Sale   Wicca's Originals - Carvis Bindi @The Warehouse Sale ^^Swallow^^ HUD Earrings E02 for lel Evo X Elf Ears @Kustom9 NEO: Antique septum @Mainstore : CULT : #Love (rings with HUD) @Mainstore


  E-Clipse Design - SHINE Outfit @TresChic 6 Anniversary Round : CULT : - Pay shoesm - @Mainstore [Yomi] Sora Hair @THE WAREHOUSE SALE [ kunst ] - Sailor pipe @Mainstore Badwolf - Ragnarok rings @mainstore


.PrettyDeceased. Wintour  set  @Evolve Event DEEP STATIC - Jade Shades (sunglasses) @Evolve Event Juna: Adima tattoo @Evolve Event EQUAL - Rose Nails @ACCESS Badwolf - Ragnarok rings @Mainstore ^^Swallow^^ - Swag Bracelets & Harl3y Quinn/ PUDDIN Collar @Mainstore  


  Pure Poison - Gia Sandals @Mainstore E-Clipse Design - Shine outfit @TresChic 6 Anniversary Round :: Deep Static :: Jade Shades @Evolve ^^Swallow^^ Earrings H02 for lel Evo X Human Ears @Kustom9


  Poison Rouge - Alma De Rosa hat @ Evolve Event Witchcraft - Akiko Tattoo @Evolve Event ^^Swallow^^ Earrings H02 for lel Evo X Human Ears @Kustom9


  L'Emporio&PL::*Fidelio*:: -Hat&Mask- @ManCave Event NANIKA - Viola Dress @FaMESHed ^^Swallow^^ Earrings E02 for lel Evo X Elf Ears @kustom9


  A&Y Cyber Minotaur Head @ Pandora Fair cinphul // a7mar [knife] [hold.l] @60L


  SEKA's CutiePoo @ACCESS SEKA's CYBA Mask @Mainstore Badwolf - Dangerous Belt @Black Fair [SAC] Vector SMG v1.00 (Weapon) @MP .:CORAZON :. Tattoo QUINZEL @Mainstore


  E-Clipse Design - La Follia outfit @ACCESS EQUAL - Rose Nails @ACCESS [Nebur.cyborg] - Revolver Warrior.27 @Mainstore DOUX - Dana Hairstyle @EQUAL10 Badwolf - Ragnarok rings @Mainstore !13ACT - Flute (March GIFT) @Mainstore NEO - Croocked Cig @Maistore